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You can't play the financial game, if you don't know the rules!

 Hosted by:  Jeff Bouwman

(CPA, Investor, and author of Your Income, Your Life)


 Take (back) control of your investments, and create a path to financial freedom and wealth!




  • Transform your relationship with money
  • Unearth the secrets to double digit returns and lower risk
  • Identify your path to financial independence
  • Learn how to grow and defend your wealth
  • Create harmony between your work and your life
  • Strengthen your relationships inside and outside the home

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Weekly Wealth Building Mastermind Course

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Starts Aug 1st, 2017


In this Mastermind Course we will ...

  • Follow a step-by-step process to create financial stability and transform your relationship with money
  • Define your investment goals and get in sync with your spouse
  • Reveal the naked truth about the financial industry and teach you how to take back control of your own financial future
  • Go through the exact strategies that the rich are using to produce double digit returns, lower taxes, minimize risk, and build wealth
  • Show you how to get started with your own investing business - even if you have tried and failed before
  • Tap into your skills and figure out how you can use them to the best of their potential
  • Show you how to find people, money, and deals in the market no matter what is happening with the economy
  • Illustrate how to live your financial life with a whole life picture in mind
  • Co-create your desired financial future!


You are really getting sick and tired of working. Not the job itself, the point of work as a whole. You would rather spend time at home raising your children but can't because of work. You would rather take a trip with your family and experience life in foreign places but can't because of work.

You spend almost 10 hours a day away from your family and when you get home you have only a couple of hours to interact before you have to go back to sleep so you can do it all over again?
It's wearing on you right?  RIGHT???
I know it was for me.

You love the idea of starting your own business, being your own boss, and gaining life-changing financial freedom and long-term wealth. But something is stopping you. "BUT" is stopping you.
I know because it was the same thing that ALMOST stopped me from taking full control of my financial future:
"I don't know enough about the Financial industry", "I have too much debt and pay too much in taxes and fees", "I don't have enough money to get good advice" or "good Investment deals are too hard to find and I have no money to get started".
I'll stop you there. If I can do it, then SO CAN YOU!  I believe that so much that I'm offering you my exact strategies that are allowing me to yield double digit returns with less risk.  AND I have more time with my family!


Wealth building is not a skill that is taught in schools. It isn't even a skill that is often taught at home.  In fact most people get their financial education from the financial "experts" that are trying to sell you their products.  And as a result, financial companies are the most profitable businesses in North America.  They will eat you for lunch if you aren't prepared.

The only person that has your best money interests at heart, is YOU!

Week 1 - Laying the Foundation

First learn how to become financially responsible and open up the lines of communication on money in your home.  Then, finally get the naked truth about investing and wealth accumulation (that the financial industry doesn't want you to know), and develop an aptitude around options for your registered accounts.

Week 2 - Develop a Different Money Mindset

Cultivate an abundance mindset that is necessary to build and defend your wealth.  Uncover your real "why" and tap into your core values.  Learn to live to your purpose by implementing your own money affirmations and start down an uncharted path.

Week 3 - Strategies for Becoming a Double Digit Investor

Learn how to move from a borrower, to a lender and start charging fees instead of paying them.  Take control of your financial returns and develop a risk management strategy that is based on real assets.  

Opportunity, rise and improvement concept

Week 4 - Appreciate Your Strengths and Tap into Your Full Potential

Recognize, celebrate, and identify how you can use your strengths for investing, real estate, and business growth

Week 5 - Create Your Financial Vision Statement 

Use our templates to develop your own personal vision that will link your financial goals with your life goals.  Identify your 10 year dream, your 5 year goals, and your 1 year action plan.

Week 6 - Becoming a Mortgage Investor: Step-by-Step

Walk through all the necessary steps you need to take to become a lender instead of a borrower. Learn about the different type's of mortgages, LTV and ARV ratio's.  Get step-by-step guides on how to set up your own self-directed accounts, how to set the terms for each mortgage, and how to mitigate risk.

Week 7 - Finding Investment Opportunities

Learn how to build your network and find investment deals.  Transition from a passive investor, to an active one and start to learn the ropes on both sides of the wealth building equation.

Week 8 - Evaluating Deals

Prepare to kick your fears in the face! In this module we will explore the various ways to evaluate a deal and provide options so that you can finance your first mortgage AND make money off of it.

Weeks 9 - 12

Business and Real Estate Investing, Understanding the financials of a deal, defining your niche, JV partnerships and Funding, Finding and Closing Deals



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