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Build Your Dream Portfolio with our Trusted Team

At the Bouwman Group, we are passionate about helping families build and defend their wealth through investing in real estate.  

We want to help you put your money to work in solid investments, backed by solid assets.  Our investments are RRSP eligible for Canadian Residents, and we cover the cost of all fees.

About us

As a real estate investment group, we provide our investors with all of the benefits of real estate, without having to put in the leg work.

We find the deals, we complete the renovations, we find the tenants, and we manage the properties.  Our goal is to maximize the experience for our tenants, while also maximizing the ROI for you.

We can help you take control of your financial future, and secure double digit returns while minimizing risk.  Get started today!

How it works


Invest your cash in promissory notes and make solid returns of 8%-12% depending on the investment


Tired of low returns and high fees? Sick and tired of paying regardless of performance?  Take advantage of the same system that the banks use to secure double digit returns and minimize risk.  Put your RRSPs to work and become a lender today.


Want to take advantage of the equity you have built up, but don't want to sell?  Use that equity to leverage your investment returns.

We specialize in:

Finances & Private Investments

Real Estate

Joint Venture Partnerships

Buy and Hold

Renovate and Sell

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