It's your income, and your life!

Are you ready to free yourself and your family from the financial anxiety, guilt, and dependence that has been shadowing your life?

In Your Income, Your Life, Jeff Bouwman shows the modern parent how to create a healthy relationship with money and free up the portion of their life that is holding them back.

He helps parents understand what their relationship with money looks like today, and define what it could be going forward. He shows you how to define how much you truly need to live the life you want, how money is about choice, and that money can be a catalyst to improving your relationship with your family.

If you want to change how you feel about retirement, and take control over your finances before they control you, Your Income, Your Life, will show you how.


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This book will teach you how to............

  • Understand what money can, and cannot do for you
  • See through the financial messages that we receive from society, and banks, every single day
  • Separate your life from your income , and start making your own choices for what is best
  • Identify where you are at in relation to the three most common levels of family finance
  • Take the steps necessary to create and model a new finance landscape for yourself, and your family

About Jeff

Jeff Bouwman is a Canadian financial author, accountant, leader, speaker, and educator. His writing and work strongly focus on financial health and well-being as the catalyst for all other areas of personal development.

After ultimately landing his ideal career position, Jeff came to realize that the important things in life could not be paid for, and he went through a significant personal transformation. Jeff left his dream job, and went on to make significantly less in a new role. In the process, he was able to pay off a substantial portion of his debt, while at the same time, improve his overall health and well-being. His decision to look at finances as a catalyst to total health changed the trajectory of his life.

Jeff counsels other parents on a global scale by providing private counseling services. He is using his background as a financial accountant, his years working with budgets, and his passion to read every book on consumer finances, to help others avoid the same mistakes he made.

Jeff’s purpose is to propel those who want more from their lives to increasingly higher levels of financial health and personal wealth. He teaches people that cash is crucial, communication is king, and time trumps all.

His goal is to equip every parent with the tools to achieve their goals and become a better, more fulfilled human being.

Jeff resides in London, Ontario, with his wife Marcia, and they have three daughters: Avery, Irelyn, and Harper.

What others are saying.....

Wow! This book was equal parts punch in the stomach and encouragement, inspiration, and hope. I really love the author’s practical way of putting together a budget and creating a plan to get out of debt. The interesting spin on this book that makes it different from other financial planning books is its element of parents as the heart of the “why” we need to get our financial lives in order. There are even tools on how married couples can get on the same page with their budgets and finances… and with money being the root of a large percentage of divorces, this information and theme of the book is critically important. Thank you for writing this book! I know it will go a long way to helping other couples gain financial literacy; for the sake of their marriages and their families. It sure did for us.

Lance Salazar

Jeff NAILED it. ALL of the financial coaches and processes talking about paying off debt, basically beat us over the head for the bad choices we've all made, tell you the process, and leave it. I LOVE how this book is about choices, and how it gets you to draw a line in the sand.  Then it walks you through WHY we do what we do, and how you can customize a process for your family. Customize to your family - so that both spouses are in agreement.

Michael Jones