Are you Ready to take back Control of YOUR Financial Future?

​Discover the strategies used by successful investors to grow and defend their wealth.



I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), financial investor & educator, speaker, and business coach.​  Despite my background, I had made a lot of mistakes with money and now I have found a better way.  

I am a husband and proud father of three amazing girls who make me feel like I am the richest man on earth. Now it's time to leave a legacy.

My Philosophy:

 I believe that the only way you can take control over your financial future, is to accept responsibility for it.

The financial industry is not setup to make us as individuals successful over time.  In fact, it is at best a secondary objective for financial company's and their financial representatives.

On my journey to find wealth, I figured out that in order to win at the game of money, you must at least be playing by the same rules.

I was tired of paying high fees for mediocre performance, and took the initiative to find a better way.  Now I want to help you do the same!

It's your income, and it's your life - isn't it time you started living it on your own terms?




The Your Income, Your Life Mastermind 

 Get on the same page with your spouse, take (back) control of your investments, and create a path to financial freedom and wealth!


 Hosted by:  Jeff Bouwman

(CPA and author of Your Income, Your Life)

  • Transform your relationship with money
  • Unearth the secrets to double digit returns and lower risk
  • Identify your path to financial independence
  • Learn how to grow and defend your wealth
  • Create harmony between your work and your life
  • Strengthen your relationships inside and outside the home

You can't play the financial game, if you don't know the rules!


Weekly Wealth Building Mastermind


Tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays:  4pm to 5:15 EST

Starts Aug 1st, 2017

Enrollment is now OPEN!

This group will be  limited to 12

Fill out the form below and we will setup a call to see if you are a fit!

In this Mastermind we will ...

  • Follow a step-by-step process to create financial stability and transform your relationship with money
  • Define your investment goals and get in sync with your spouse
  • Reveal the naked truth about the financial industry and teach you how to take back control of your own financial future
  • Go through the exact strategies that the rich are using to produce double digit returns, lower taxes, minimize risk, and build wealth
  • Show you how to get started with your own investing business - even if you have tried and failed before
  • Tap into your skills and figure out how you can use them to the best of their potential
  • Show you how to find people, money, and deals in the market no matter what is happening with the economy
  • Illustrate how to live your financial life with a whole life picture in mind
  • Co-create your desired financial future!


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